Carlow Sports Partnership believe that sporting participation and success has a ripple effect of breeding success in many other areas of life. The power and passion of sporting involvement and achievement can animate the community and impact physical, social and psychological well being.

Although there is broad consensus that participation in sport is a good thing, it is also widely understood that there are barriers to participation, especially for key groups in our society. Sports Partnership intends to achieve our goals of strengthening the capacity of clubs and organisations, lowering the barriers to participation, targeting disadvantaged and marginalised groups and providing education and training. We do this through the roll out of various programmes including:

Programme Summary

  1. Buntús
  2. Buntús sports specific
  3. Buntús start
  4. Club development training
  5. Code of ethics and good practice for children's sport
  6. Go for life's sport for older people programmes
  7. Sports for disadvantaged young people
  8. Sports inclusion disability programme
  9. Women in sport

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